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Introductory Flight


Taka SMV +3
A great aperitif; super aromatic with plenty of pear, melon & lychee. Light, sweet, & fruity. There is a candy-like sweetness & the sake is
resolved with a dry spicy. Exotic pairing with Sashimi & other fishs.
Region: Yamaguchi
Grade: Junmai Ginjo
Polish: 50% (remaining)

Kotosennen SMV +3
A wonderfully fragrant sake with floral aromas of lavendar and honeysuckle. Clean, smooth and silky on the tongue. Pairs nicely with
sushi and sashimi. (15.3% alc)
Region: Kyoto
Grade: Junmai Dai Ginjo
Polish: 45% (remaining)

Meikyoshisui SMV +3
Loads of tropical fruit, melon & lychee. Refined, yet powerful, with great acidity & balance. Made from top grade Yamadanishiki rice.
Region: Naganao
Grade: Junmai Dai Ginjo
Polish: 45% (remaining)

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