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    • Salads

    • Goma-aé


      spinach or green bean

    • Sunomono

      $5.5 - ebi
      $6.5 - tako
      $8 - kani


    • Seaweed Salad

    • Soba Salad

    • Kaisen Sashimi Salad*^


      tuna & salmon sashimi, chopped scallop, organic greens, lotus root fritters, ginger mustard dressing, spicy sauce

    • Bincho Toro Aburi Salad*


      flame seared albacore toro (belly), asian mustard greens, ume-plum ponzu vinaigrette

    • Crispy Wild Sockeye Skin Salad*


      crispy wild sockeye salmon skin, daikon, asian pear, pea sprouts carrot, shiso leaf, assorted baby greens. light yuzu vinaigrette

    • Specialty Soups

    • Salmon Miso Chowder*

    • French Onion Soup "Sakana"^


      a delicious japanese take on french onion soup. vegetarian dashi stock, finely shredded spanish onion, french baguette, and emmental swiss cheese

    • Hot Tapas

    • Spicy Scallop Kebabs🌶


      3 large hotaté scallops, wrapped with thinly cut zucchini and lightly fried. Spicy sauce drizzle

    • Crunchy Filo Scallop & Prawns


      hotaté scallop and tiger prawns wrapped in fine filo dough and lightly fried. miso hollandaise dipping sauce

    • Tuna & Salmon Isobé Agé*


      Wild sockeye & albacore tuna sashimi wrapped in nori, lightly fried with a rare centre. Teri & wasabi mayo drizzle

    • Yam Tempura French Fries^

    • Pork Gyoza


      japanese style pan-fried dumplings, stuffed with pork, garlic, and veggies, 6 pieces

    • Negitoro Gyoza*^


      japanese style pan-fried dumplings, stuffed with albacore toro and fresh green onion, 6 pieces

    • Vegetarian Gyoza


      japanese style pan-fried dumplings, stuffed with tofu, spinach, carrot, ginger and cabbage, 6 pieces

    • Calamari "Sakana"


      lightly battered deep-fried squid rings. ginger hollandaise dipping sauce

    • Saikyo Misozuké*


      Miso black cod; traditional grilled black cod, marinated in saikyo (white) miso. Served with pickled ginger shoot

    • Chicken Kara-agé

    • Beef Sukiyaki^


      Tender sliced beef and veggies cooked at your table in a slightly sweet soya sauce broth. Tofu version also available upon request

    • Duck à L'Orange Sakana^


      succulent roasted duck breast, fresh orange segments orange-miso sauce. delicate potato frite crown. 6 taster spoons

    • Dashi - Chazuké Suzuki*


      grilled marinated mediteranean sea bass, light macha dashi broth, genmai, edamame, araré crisps

    • Cold Tapas

    • Spicy Tuna / Sesame Tuna*

      $8 - Spicy / Sesame
      $9 - Tuna + Salmon

      chunks of albacore tuna sashimi marinated
      in our popular spicy or sesame sauce

    • Wild Sockeye Carpaccio*


      sockeye salmon sashimi, fresh salsa. wasabi mayo drizzle

    • Tuna & Avocado Crepe*^🌶


      fresh avocado, blended with minced albacore sashimi and our spicy wasabi mayo sauce, wrapped in a delicate homemade crepe and drizzled with spicy sauce

    • Madai Carpaccio*


      red sea bream; fresh red seabream sashimi, asian greens, fresh mango, ponzu jalapeño salsa

    • Beef Tataki


      thinly sliced Alberta "AAA" beef tenderloin served with apple slivers, baby arugula, micro greens, roasted garlic chips, aged parmesan shavings and our special ponzu vinaigrette

    • Albacore / Ahi Tataki*


      lightly seared albacore tuna, sliced and served with tangy ponzu sauce, momiji oroshi, green onion & garlic chips

    • Ahi Tuna Tartare

      big-eye ahi tuna, fresh house-made guacamole, fresh mango, traditional yuké sauce, crisp nori side
    • Black Sesame Encrusted Tuna*^


      albacore tuna tataki lightly torched, encrusted with black sesame seeds, and served with tangy yuzu sauce. yum!

    • Wild Sockeye Salmon Yuké*


      wild sockeye salmon sashimi, sû-miso poached egg, traditional yuké sauce, crisp rice sembei

    • Ginger Citrus Hamachi^


      hamachi sashimi, pink grapefruit, ginger balsamic vinaigrette


^Signature dishes. *Recommended by the Vancouver Aquarium as an ocean-friendly seafood choice

🌶 indicates a spicy dish

Disclaimer: Pricing and availability subject to change.