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    • Choya Uji Green Tea

      $85- 720ml Bottle

      Elegant, fresh, semi-sweet, green tea

    • Hououbiden Higeban Junmai Daiginjo

      $290- 1800ml Bottle

      Extremely perfumed and elegant with notes of liquorice, rich tropical fruits balanced with fragrant rice notes.  This Sake “Higeban”  was selected for Japan Airlines Executive class.   

    • Jikon Junmai Ginjo

      $125- 720ml

      Elegant melon notes with bright highlights of grapefruit, and the slight sweetness of “Omachi” specialty rice.  A genshu with a luscious, velvety mouth-feel and a clean crisp finish. 

    • Niwa No Uguisu Umeshu Tomari

      $89- 720ml Bottle

      Made from hand selected plums.  Beautiful balanced with bright acidity and a rich mouth-feel makes this an easy accompaniment to savory dishes as well as elegant with desserts.  

    • Sakagura nigori umeshu

      $48- 300ml

      Juicy apricot, light and sweet

    • Sawaya Matsumoto Junmai Daiginjo

      $125- 720ml

      Pleasant acidity, simultaneously bitterness, sweetness with umami elegantly harmonized with minerality.  Freshness jumps out of the bottle when open.  Contemporary Junmai Daiginjo.

    • Sohomare Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo

      $198- 720ml Bottle

      Brewed with Grade A yamadanishiki rice.  Soft and creamy mouth feel on the palate with elegant aroma.  

    • Tatenokawa 33 Junmai Daiginjo

      $132- 720ml Bottle
      $132- 720ml Bottle

      Expands to reveal ripe fruit sweetness of banana & lychee with soft floral aromas.  Lively acidity leads to a luxurious silky smooth finish.  Pairs with seafood, sashimi & aburi dishes.  

    • Tatsuriki Komeno Sasyaki Junmai Daiginjo

      $140-720ml Bottle

      Finest quality of sake rice Yamada-Nishiki brings. Round and big volume of aroma. Green apple notes with clean finish. Tatsuriki brands long seller sake.

    • Yuki Hotaru

      $62- 720ml

      Dry, fruity, floral & clean

    • Hakkaisan Junmai Ginjo

      $125 - 720mL Bottle

      A mellow refreshing Sake with exceptional clarity of flavour.  Melon fruity notes, with a clean and refreshing elegant finish.  Excellent as a food companion.

    • Hakkaisan 3 years Snow Aged Junmai

      $160 - 720mL Bottle

      The Junmai ginjo genshu sake was matured alongside and chilled by a massive amount of snow stored in the same insulated room.  Smooth on the palate, the sweetness of the rice is perfectly balanced by its clean acidity.

    • Dewazakura Oka Ginjo

      $88 - 720mL bottle
      $88 - 720mL bottle

      History book classic.  The Ginjo is milled to Daiginjo levels.  Smooth floral and fruity aromas.  A beautiful blend of flower blossoms, peach, and spring water.  Smooth silky, and texture of a rounded mouth feel.

    • Hiroki Tokusen Junmai

      $125 - 720mL Bottle

      Voluptuous and round on the palate, with a gorgeous mouth feel.  Refreshing ginjo notes of Asian pear on the nose with amazing structure and concentration.  A cult-status amongst sake connoisseuers.

    • Hiroki Junmai Daiginjo Bottle

      $185 - 720mL Bottle

      Clean, light with a complex nose.  Restrained and understated style this sake has lots of floral, citrus and stone fruit tart.  Excellent balance and the finish of this sake is superb.  Cult-status sake amongst connoisseurs.


    • Kokuryu Jin

      $125 - 720mL Bottle

      A sake that expresses the natural flavor of select gohyakumangoku rice from Fukui.  The harmony of taste and fragrance creates a depth of flavor-rich, dynamic, and mystery.

    • Kokuryu Junmai Daiginjo

      $238 - 720mL Bottle


      A super complex and balanced sake.  A breakthrough daiginjo.  Ryu was the first to bring French wine maturation techniques to sake-brewing and the first daiginjo released nationwide.  Well-rounded gently aromatic and surprisingly incisive.

    • Kotosennen Junmai Daiginjo

      $132- 720ml Bottle
      $132- 720ml Bottle
      $249 - 1.8L Bottle
      $249 - 1.8L Bottle

      A wonderfully fragrant sake with floral aromas of lavender and honeysuckle.  Clean, smooth and silky on the tongue. Pairs nicely with sushi and sashimi.

    • Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo

      $268 - 1800mL Bottle
      $268 - 1800mL Bottle

      Graceful and elegant, this well-balanced sake soars with a light sweetness and vibrant acidity.  Notes of ripe melons lead to a dry, wistfully clean finish.  Easy to drink and extremely popular among those new to sake.

    • Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo

      $320 - 720mL Bottle

      Each grain of Sake rice is painstakingly polished down to 23% of its original size.  Cucumber, melon, and fresh rain-water come to mind when tasting this sake.  Incredible balance of delicate aromas and the depth of a full bodied presence on the palate.

    • Kubota Manjyu Junmai Daiginjo

      $185 - 720ml Bottle
      $380 - 1.8L Bottle

      A sake connoisseur’s must have brand from Niigata.  The Manjyu brand is Kubota’s flagship super premium sake.  It’s exquisite flavor and silky texture has made it a bench mark in the sake industry.  Plenty of flavors of honeysuckle and fuji apple with subtle notes of spiced pear.

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