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Drink Menu

    • White Wines

    • Burrowing Owl Chardonnay BC Canada VQA

      $56- 750ml Bottle
    • Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc

      $48-750ml Bottle
    • Spearhead Pinot Gris BC Canada VQA

      $52 - 750ml Bottle
    • Sumac Ridge Sauvignon Blanc

      $40-750ml Bottle
    • Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough New Zealand

      $52- 750ml Bottle

      Pale straw green in color with brilliant clarity, Oyster Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is zesty & aromatic with lots of lively, penetrating fruit characters. A concentration of tropical & gooseberry flavors with an abundant bouquet, it is a wine that is always crisp, elegant & refreshing.

    • Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough New Zealand

      $52 - 750ml Bottle

      Colors of light straw with yellow & green hues. Aromas of citrus & tropical fruits backed by characteristic grassy notes for which Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is renowned. An exuberant wine brimming with juicy acidity & fruit sweetness, providing a balanced flavor profile. The finish is fresh, zesty, & lingering.

    • Quails Gate Dry Riesling BC Canada VQA

      $45 -750ml Bottle
      $45 -750ml Bottle

      The wine is dry, vibrant & zesty. On the nose you will find aromas of intense lime, white flowers, stone fruit & wet stones. The well-balanced palate combines intense citrus flavors with a hint of spice, leading to a long & refreshing finish. We would recommend pairing with tuna tataki, or any vegetable salad.

    • Clos Du Soleil Capella Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon BC Canada VQA

      $60 - 750ml Bottle

      This is a wine of grace, elegance, & age-worthy structure. Sporting a light golden-hue in the glass, this beautiful wine greets the drinker with aromas of pink grapefruit, lemon jelly & lime zest. On the palate the wine is rich & mouth filling yet crisp & bone-dry. Mouth-watering, ripe lime zest is dominant, but quickly melds into flavor of peach, lemonade, & a hint of passion fruit, & a lively sense of minerality through to the long finish. Complex & engaging, this is a sushi wine par excellence: tuna, crab, oysters would be a knock out.

    • Blue Mountain Reserve Chardonnay BC Canada VQA

      $68 - 750ml Bottle

      Light yellow color with lemony spice, citrus blossom, nutty, vanilla, lees, baked pear, earthy, green apple aromas. Dry, fresh, juicy, creamy, slightly tart entry with lemon custard, honey, light butter, green apple skin, pear with some grass & vanilla on the finish. Full bodied & complex.

    • Burrowing Owl Pinot Gris BC Canada VQA

      $60 - Bottle 750ml

      Commences with seductive ripe expressions of pear, honeydew melon & nectarines, with white flower, cardamom & pine needle undertones. The palate has a mouth-filling richness with layers of orchard fruits, cantaloupe & yellow plum, balanced with hints of mandarin rind & a chalky minerality. This wine is very approachable & smooth, & ends with a nice, long finish.


    • Red Wines

    • Burrowing Owl Pinot Noir BC Canada VQA

      $60- Bottle 750ml
    • J Lohr Hilltop Cabernet Sauvignon California United States

      $98- Bottle 750ml
    • Mark West Pinot Noir California United States

      $48- Bottle 750ml

      black fruit peppery choco, 750ml

    • Spierhead Pinot Noir Curvee BC Canada VQA

      $65/Bottle 750ml

      toasted oak cherry currant, 750ml

    • Mirossou Pinot Noir California United States

      $48 - Bottle 750ml
    • Clos Du Soleil Syrah BC Canada VQA

      $60 - Bottle 750ml
      $60 - Bottle 750ml

      The perfumed nose of this wine envelops the taster with aromas of freshly crushed raspberries & black currants. On the palate, a bright & fresh acidity is met with these same flavors of fresh wild raspberries & is accented with notes of blackcurrant, cola, & a hint of cloves. Soft & supple in the mouth,with very fine tannins.

    • J Lohr Seven Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon California United States

      $60- Bottle 750ml

      Features a full body dark rich color with intense fruit aromas of black cherry, plum & blueberry. Flavor profile of hazelnut, dark chocolate & toasted pastry. Sturdy tannins strike the palate & finish with the high-toned fruit signature that typifies the Paso Robles appellation.

    • Burrowing Owl Syrah BC Canada VQA

      $65 - Bottle 750ml
      $65 - Bottle 750ml

      Delicate & elegant, opens on a deep & harmonious nose of violet, warm & black fruits meshed together with tobacco, cocoa, wood spice & black pepper. On the palate the wine progresses smoothly with flavors of damson plum, blackberry, baked strawberry followed by tobacco, clove, vanilla, licorice & leathery undertones. The mid-palate is fleshy & flavorful, with ripe, velvety tannins. It is balanced by a juicy acidity & ends in a long fruity, smoky & spicy finish.


***Please enquire about higher end wines***

Sake List

    • Sake House

    • Choya Uji Green Tea

      $85- 720ml Bottle

      Elegant, fresh, semi-sweet, green tea

    • Hououbiden Higeban Junmai Daiginjo

      $290- 1800ml Bottle

      Extremely perfumed and elegant with notes of liquorice, rich tropical fruits balanced with fragrant rice notes.  This Sake “Higeban”  was selected for Japan Airlines Executive class.   

    • Jikon Junmai Ginjo

      $125- 720ml

      Elegant melon notes with bright highlights of grapefruit, and the slight sweetness of “Omachi” specialty rice.  A genshu with a luscious, velvety mouth-feel and a clean crisp finish. 

    • Niwa No Uguisu Umeshu Tomari

      $89- 720ml Bottle

      Made from hand selected plums.  Beautiful balanced with bright acidity and a rich mouth-feel makes this an easy accompaniment to savory dishes as well as elegant with desserts.  

    • Sakagura nigori umeshu

      $48- 300ml

      Juicy apricot, light and sweet

    • Sawaya Matsumoto Junmai Daiginjo

      $125- 720ml

      Pleasant acidity, simultaneously bitterness, sweetness with umami elegantly harmonized with minerality.  Freshness jumps out of the bottle when open.  Contemporary Junmai Daiginjo.

    • Sohomare Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo

      $198- 720ml Bottle

      Brewed with Grade A yamadanishiki rice.  Soft and creamy mouth feel on the palate with elegant aroma.  

    • Tatenokawa 33 Junmai Daiginjo

      $132- 720ml Bottle
      $132- 720ml Bottle

      Expands to reveal ripe fruit sweetness of banana & lychee with soft floral aromas.  Lively acidity leads to a luxurious silky smooth finish.  Pairs with seafood, sashimi & aburi dishes.  

    • Tatsuriki Komeno Sasyaki Junmai Daiginjo

      $140-720ml Bottle

      Finest quality of sake rice Yamada-Nishiki brings. Round and big volume of aroma. Green apple notes with clean finish. Tatsuriki brands long seller sake.

    • Yuki Hotaru

      $62- 720ml

      Dry, fruity, floral & clean

    • Hakkaisan Junmai Ginjo

      $125 - 720mL Bottle

      A mellow refreshing Sake with exceptional clarity of flavour.  Melon fruity notes, with a clean and refreshing elegant finish.  Excellent as a food companion.

    • Hakkaisan 3 years Snow Aged Junmai

      $160 - 720mL Bottle

      The Junmai ginjo genshu sake was matured alongside and chilled by a massive amount of snow stored in the same insulated room.  Smooth on the palate, the sweetness of the rice is perfectly balanced by its clean acidity.

    • Dewazakura Oka Ginjo

      $88 - 720mL bottle
      $88 - 720mL bottle

      History book classic.  The Ginjo is milled to Daiginjo levels.  Smooth floral and fruity aromas.  A beautiful blend of flower blossoms, peach, and spring water.  Smooth silky, and texture of a rounded mouth feel.

    • Hiroki Tokusen Junmai

      $125 - 720mL Bottle

      Voluptuous and round on the palate, with a gorgeous mouth feel.  Refreshing ginjo notes of Asian pear on the nose with amazing structure and concentration.  A cult-status amongst sake connoisseuers.

    • Hiroki Junmai Daiginjo Bottle

      $185 - 720mL Bottle

      Clean, light with a complex nose.  Restrained and understated style this sake has lots of floral, citrus and stone fruit tart.  Excellent balance and the finish of this sake is superb.  Cult-status sake amongst connoisseurs.


    • Kokuryu Jin

      $125 - 720mL Bottle

      A sake that expresses the natural flavor of select gohyakumangoku rice from Fukui.  The harmony of taste and fragrance creates a depth of flavor-rich, dynamic, and mystery.

    • Kokuryu Junmai Daiginjo

      $238 - 720mL Bottle


      A super complex and balanced sake.  A breakthrough daiginjo.  Ryu was the first to bring French wine maturation techniques to sake-brewing and the first daiginjo released nationwide.  Well-rounded gently aromatic and surprisingly incisive.

    • Kotosennen Junmai Daiginjo

      $132- 720ml Bottle
      $132- 720ml Bottle
      $249 - 1.8L Bottle
      $249 - 1.8L Bottle

      A wonderfully fragrant sake with floral aromas of lavender and honeysuckle.  Clean, smooth and silky on the tongue. Pairs nicely with sushi and sashimi.

    • Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo

      $268 - 1800mL Bottle
      $268 - 1800mL Bottle

      Graceful and elegant, this well-balanced sake soars with a light sweetness and vibrant acidity.  Notes of ripe melons lead to a dry, wistfully clean finish.  Easy to drink and extremely popular among those new to sake.

    • Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo

      $320 - 720mL Bottle

      Each grain of Sake rice is painstakingly polished down to 23% of its original size.  Cucumber, melon, and fresh rain-water come to mind when tasting this sake.  Incredible balance of delicate aromas and the depth of a full bodied presence on the palate.

    • Kubota Manjyu Junmai Daiginjo

      $185 - 720ml Bottle
      $380 - 1.8L Bottle

      A sake connoisseur’s must have brand from Niigata.  The Manjyu brand is Kubota’s flagship super premium sake.  It’s exquisite flavor and silky texture has made it a bench mark in the sake industry.  Plenty of flavors of honeysuckle and fuji apple with subtle notes of spiced pear.



    • Beer

    • Whistler Brewing- Bear Paw Honey Lager

      $6- 330ml Bottle
    • Kirin – Large

      $12-650ml Bottle

      Lager from Japan

    • Sapporo – Large

      $13- 600 ml Bottle

      Lager from Japan

    • Asahi – Large

      $13- 630 ml Bottle

      Lager from Japan

    • Stella Artois

      $6 - 330ml Bottle

      Lager from Belgium

    • Fat Tug IPA

      $12 - 650ml Bottle
      $12 - 650ml Bottle

      Indian Pale Ale from Vancouver Island

    • Steamworks

      $6 - Bottle

      Pilsner from Vancouver

    • Hoegaarden

      $6 - 330ml Bottle
      $6 - 330ml Bottle

      Belgium wheat beer

    • 33 Acres Sunshine

      $6 - 330ml Bottle

      French Blanche

    • 33 Acres Darkness

      $6 - 330ml Bottle
      $6 - 330ml Bottle



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